Atheren’s Galaxies: Five Lively Updates That Should Have Been

Despite the perfection of the game as it was before The Dark Times, everyone always loved to speculate about what more might come.  If the game had gone along happily, I’d have liked to see these five modern game updates over time:

Fast travel.  Although the shuttles made travel seem very realistic, as did riding a swoop across the countryside.  Sometimes it would be nice just to be home faster.

Graphical Updates    When I’m in the world it all looks as it ever did, and is completely immersive.  It’s a beautiful place that would be even prettier with sharp new graphics, ESO style.  Or Guild Wars 2, even.

A decent quest system, with engaging quests in addition to the mission terminals.   The introduction of quests with Kashyyyk seemed pretty cool at the time, but the later Legacy quest series was a horror show.  Real quests, great stories could be told with the backdrop provided by the game. and its vast worlds.

A space travel system for people who didn’t want to or couldn’t engage in space battles because they couldn’t “think in 3D”.    Mining, trading operations, quests!

They did some of this last when they introduced Ithorians and all their amazing clothing.  With each expansion add clothes, armor, foods, pets, homes, furnishings, weapons and more that went with the theme of the expansion and further immersed you in the world of Star Wars Galaxies.



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