Atheren’s Galaxies: Tailor Selections From Mira’s Guide To Outfits

Thanks for stopping by this month.  Here is the last set of outfits.  All the outfits i’ve done for this series are on display just inside the entry of the Starlight Tavern in Star’s Rest.

Han Solo’s Hoth Outfit

Scout Jacket

Pocket Work Pants

Snow Boots

Link-Steel Reinforced Gloves

Small Pocket Belt


Admiral Ackbar’s Uniform


Short Sleeve Shirt

Striped Slacks

Uniform boots

Multi-pocket Belt


Obi Wan Kenobi’s Hermit Outfit

Cloak (Hood Up)

Trim Lined Shirt

Modest Skirt

Wrapped Boots

Small Pocket Belt

Padme Amidala’s Wedding Dress

Intricate Dress

Women’s Shoes

Wedge Antilles’ Uniform

Fighter Flightsuit

Uniform Boots

Cold Weather Gloves

Decorated Belt


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