Atheren’s Galaxies August 2, 2019

Welcome back to the Galaxy!

Stocking, stocking, re-stocking this week.   I haven’t fully gotten my vendor re-stock schedule in place.  The biggie is always my Master Merchant who has the most for sale, and the most items to fall into the stock room every thirty days.  I can listen to several podcasts while she re-stocks, yikes.

My Dancer went to Theed one day and within an hour had a healing box filled, but no one was available to train.  I have been a slugdog and haven’t used  my Prima Guide to see where if anywhere the trainer is in Theed.

Next time out, I’ll give her plenty of training money and send her to Mos Eisely.  It is the place where most new people land, but I just have such a lasting dislike of it from NGE times when you could only go there as a starting city.  Bad vibes.  Off she goes in the morning anyway.

In any MMO some characters are sort of built to interact with other characters.  In Galaxies, my characters who need to get out there and hob nob are:


Image Designer


Ranger (Only because she’s Mayor)

Master Merchant

It has been easy since we got the city for me to work mostly on my crafting characters, all safely snuggled down in the city.  My spouse is almost always off running missions someplace, but even he likes running them from home.

We need to work, finally, on getting some more citizens to share the place with.   I’ve boldly been talking with people in Genchat more.  I’m trying to get a feel for who is who.  People come and go really quickly in the galaxy, though, with what seems like only a few stalwarts still in the game.

I have a few more Spotlight On Naboo topics to cover, then I’m going to do a similar series on my personal favorite planet, Corellia.   It’s another way to get to know the game and the people playing.

I’ve never played a  game before like Galaxies where one of the things you can do for entertainment is to go shopping.   You can be looking for schematics, paintings, armor, weapons. Sometimes it’s just fun to browse what’s out there.  From a merchant’s point of view, it’s nice to check pricing.

The next thing I need to shop for is a full set of Padded Black Armor for my Ranger.  When I originally looked I could only find a few pieces with the chest piece being blue.   😦      She also needs a new T21 one of these days.

My spouse recommends just searching on the Bazaar for armor…he got three new pieces for 20k each piece and likes the resistances.    For a weapon, he recommends the guy on Tatooine…the Imperial Outpost?   I’ll start there.   I did see a guy in Genchat saying he was paying 8 million for a gun though, kinda out of my price range.

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