Dancing Through The Galaxy

Somehow I thought I could go out to a big city cantina this week and fill in all my Dancer healing boxes and be sooo close to master.

All ready to entertain, I went to Mos Eisely.  There weren’t any Entertainer groups that I could see, ones that accept all the new dancers and musicians to help them level up.  In fact, there were fewer people than I’ve ever seen there.

I had even looked up and found the Dance Instructor at the Theater, in case no one could train my Dancer.


I tried Coronet next.  Of the three big cities were players go, Coronet cantina and Hospitals are the quietest.   This was worse yet, just one Dancer/Musician in tandem with a Doctor buffing.


Back to Theed, where I’m more comfortable anyway.   Everyone was afk except I stuck up a conversation with a newer dancer.   I thought she would like some new dance clothes, so I brought over my tailor. I also asked in group if anyone would like some free outfits.  Honestly, it’s more fun to dress real people than just my vendors.  On live, as soon as I got Master, I did the same, went to the cantina and offered free outfits using my new skills.  Everyone loved it.

My fellow dancer person in Theed was not charmed at all, and was, I think, wondering who would be offering to make clothes for people.   Very uncomfortable!

When I step into this game world, for me it’s as if no time had passed, and the world is as it was.  It would never occur to me anyone would take a really adorable free outfit badly.  I sent my tailor home, and the person did eventually take the outfit saying they’d been afk.  It looked so cute on her! And it matched perfectly.

Another thing I learned is, everyone’s really obsessed with clothing skill tapes, so if they’re wearing an outfit already that’s loaded, they sure don’t want a new set that hasn’t any tapes.   So no one else was interested either, or they were just afk.

On the plus side, I did fill two boxes of healing, that’s something.


I also did get out in the larger world a bit, and learned some things about the state of the galaxy.

My bio for Sinome now let’s people know we’re recruiting, so there’s that.

I’ll go back to Theed Saturday to see if there’s more xp to be had.  In the meantime, she was getting no healing xp at all today, so I sent her home to her cozy Starlight Tavern to recover and dance away her experiences.

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