Atheren’s Galaxies September 6, 2019

Once again, call me Master!  Well, my little Rodian Master Dancer.   One last night in theed and all my healing boxes filled in really fast.  I super appreciate the Theed group led by QueenBeech and Dokblock .  Now to work out a good set of music and dance routines, then it’s off on the Nine Planets Tour.

Doctor Mery is next, crafting out the single column she needs for Master Doc.   Then I think my Chef in waiting.

Someone in Genchat  asked if they should go ahead and work on Jedi with the changes coming.  It turns out that the developers are considering working to finish the ground game, then they’ll release the permanent server.  From what I read and could understand of the talk of 3D x/y/z stuff, JTL is currently beyond what the developers themselves know.  It’s a six page thread as of tonight, and they’re being very honest.   I have nothing but admiration for them re-creating the game I love, and know they’ll do the best thing they can.  It sounds like nothing is imminent, so I plan to just enjoy the Galaxy and to level my characters as always.

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