Atheren’s Galaxies September 27, 2019

We had a much better week than last week.  The City, it’s mission terminals, lights, Garage (!), and trainers were all restored Saturday night.

Both my Architect and Tailor had custom orders which they hand delivered to the customers.  I love doing that!

The Tailoring customer knew just what they wanted, including the specific colors.  That makes it easy, and so much fun.

The Doc made crafting progress, half a box is big big progress!

All the houses in the city have extra maintenance, so no poofs.

Back on track, and making me oddly happy, two factory loads of Structural Modules are processing as we speak.

I meant to get some ore harvesters down this week, but it will have to wait for the next set of spawns on Sunday.

I realized my Entertainer still needs two boxes of Image Design to be Master Entertainer as well as Master Musician and Master Dancer.  Then, the Mandovial!  The sweetest music ever.

Projects for the next week, not just re-stock but fully stock Architect and Tailor vendors.  There are still many things not on offer yet at all.  Poor Ithorians of the Galaxy, I’ve nothing for you yet.

Craft craft craft those Advanced Biological Effect Controllers, Doc.

This is the time to start doing some of the things I never mastered in the live game.  From something as simple as multi-line building signs to Armorsmithing.  This is the opportunity to just do everything, because I could.

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