Atheren’s Galaxies 10/4/19

I’m on track for my goals of the week.  I spent some time crafting meds, and more time working on my Architect’s vendor inventories.

This is not just re-listing items from the stockroom, but working on being fully stocked on all the vendors.   Login numbers to the Galaxy seem down a bit, but people still want to buy homes and Guild Halls, City Halls and Shuttleports, furniture, lighting and paintings.

I’m back in the Architect’s Happy Place, running alternate loads of Structural Modules and Walls.  I have all of the City Buildings back in stock, but can use all types of homes, and Guild Halls.

My lighting vendor is nicely stocked except for Street Lights.  They can be dropped in a city for night lighting outdoors, but they also can be dropped inside any building for unique lighting at night.  They’ve always been fairly popular, even in the Live Game.

I need a few Factories.  They sell fairly well, though I charge a bit more than most.

The Furniture vendor should be in pretty good shape, because I went through and made ten of everything, and the stock seems to be holding out.

Once she’s all stocked I’ll move to my Tailor to finally get her fully stocked as well.  Life in the Galaxy!  Have a good week.

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