Atheren’s Galaxies Late Day Update

So, my PC died again Tuesday night.  Couldn’t get it to load Windows, again.   Wiped all on Wed and had reload problems and Internet connectivity issues affecting updates and software reloads.

Today is my chance to try to re-load Galaxies.  I’m going to put it on my laptop which also has issues (keyboard died in August, tried to replace, no go.)  I ordered a USB CD/DVD drive to compensate for the laptop not coming with those drives and had to wait for that.

Have been reorganizing the whole house and till just now could not find my Galaxies discs.  Wish me luck!   May the Force be with my laptop.   At least, knock on wood, it doesn’t die every few months.

Back!  In a small good thing, my laptop displays the game much better than my gaming pc.  Somehow I took 63 screenshots, just looking at how sharp and pretty everything was.  The textures! Everything from furniture to the buildings, such detail!

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