Atheren’s Galaxies December 27, 2019

Happy New Year incoming!

This is the last regular Friday Atheren’s Galaxies post.  Any new posts will appear as they come to me.  In the New Year, I will likely add in all my Combat Upgrade and NGE documents to close things out, as it seems possible Basilisk may go under in favor of the permanent Suncrusher server.

Apparently there are people who plan to rush into the new Galaxy with plans of Galaxy Domination.  Meh, you won’t last.   You’d be here now if you were a real Pre-CU fan.

That’s the mood I’m in at the end of 2019.   I wasn’t able to see the live game’s end, but I’ll watch this Galaxy’s lights go out.  In the live game, I took my Ranger to the Science Outpost on Endor to end her story.  This time she’ll be hanging out in the Starlight Tavern on Naboo.

See you in the New Year.


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