Back In The Galaxy!

Return to your first love, they said.  It’s the way forward, they said.

Was there ever a game better suited to motivating players to subscribe and log in than Galaxies?  If you have any buildings, vendors, anything at all that takes maintenance and care, you will see it all go poof through inactivity.

Only my Architect did not lose any vendors over the past few periods of non play.  She certainly lost items, but the vendors themselves live.

My Merchant lost all but two vendors. Agh all those resources and Artisan Components.  Ouch ouch.

My Tailor lost all but three vendors, not bad really.

I’m kind of starting from scratch, rethinking what to sell and not.   Going to stay out of the resource biz, and concentrate on what can be crafted for awhile.

Dropped a Guild Hall on Tatooine near Mos Eisely that I’ll stock with essentials for my adventuring characters.   Vehicles, stims, Vasarian Brandy, VegHash.

In play are my Architect, Tailor, Merchant, Creature Handler and Smuggler.

When sales are low, it’s always an easy thing to switch to combat characters who can just go run missions for you, and toss money your way.   Such a well designed game, really.

I’m thoroughly enjoying everything about the game right now.  I appreciate every little thing.  I haven’t been playing anything at all for weeks and weeks so it’s nice to focus on something fun, relaxing, challenging in some ways.

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