July 2020 Galaxies Game Goals

My Doctor has a single box to be Master! It’s crafting of course.  Only 33,000 points, though, I think which isn’t much.

Unlike many games, where you’re at the top and you have to start a gear grind, Galaxies crafting Masters really start pursuing the profession they’ve chosen.

I’ve gathered the Doctor level resources just to craft with, but in order to make good, useful medicines of all types, I’ll need to start hunting down the very best resources.  That may be an animal spawn that has great stats but drops very few units of the resource.

It may be that it will take quite awhile for a great mineral or flora resource spawn with the kind of stats I need.

My Doctor still has most of TK to do, so she’ll be out and about and can hopefully help other adventurers in the wilds.  Very exciting!

My Architect’s goal is to restock all her homes, city buildings, factories and furnishings.

The Tailor is still working on fully stocking her Wookiee Vendor Haute Wook.  Then I may move on to Ihtorian wear at last.

The other character I’m focusing on is my Smuggler.  I’m hoping for good progress up the Slicing section of the skill tree.

Happy Adventuring!

Atheren Lightrunner

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