Star Wars Galaxies August 2020 Game Goals and a July 2020 Wrapup

Pokey, unlovely July is all done.  Yay!

August 2020 Goals

Doc get all the resources for Advanced Components so I can make decent stimpacks for starters.


Make beautiful things


Also make beautiful things.

Begin Armorsmith Grind once hint, hint, spouse finds the schematic I need.


Make new sets of crafting tools

Smuggler’s gotta Smuggle


Goals for July were:

Reach Master Doctor


Restock all of her building vendors and furniture vendors.  Nope nope.    My husband did find her the first Technical Console Schematic I’ve ever had on the Emu, and the ever desirable Blue Couch Schematic.

Smuggler work on Slicing

My girl is about halfway up the Slicing 2 box.  That’s a lot of snakes.   I often just like to run a couple of sets of missions with her.  She can do snakes for up to 15k on a good terminal slice.  Doesn’t need buffs, just shoot and loot.  She’s that girl.  The picture below is not snake related, but it’s in Mos Espa where I rarely go and I just liked the picture.

Everyone got an email from Lord Sauron indicating some weird interdemensional event had taken place.  Smugglers don’t like emails like this.

My Tailor is setting up to become an Armorsmith as well as Tailor.  She’s got the tools and basic resources.   Plus Mr. Big will help me with the math and hunting down of good resources of all types.

He is also helping me set up for the grind.  The Tailor has a load of schematics, and he went through 208 of them one day and didn’t find the schematic for the Marabari Chestplate which is what I chose to grind.   He’ll find it, I know he will.



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